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Sports Wear

Sports is a word that brings adrenaline rush and joy. It will make you fit and free from boredom. To indulge in all day sports activity, you need to be fit enough and of course your clothing should be intact. Olymbia Apparels is the leading suppliers and manufacturers of  sports wear in Tirupur,India. Sportswear is something different from normal clothing. A good sports wear is capable of absorbing and diffusing sweat from your body to keep you dry and cool all day. An authentic sportswear gives you confidence, comfort and reliability for your all day sports or endurance workouts. Olympia Apparels is the manufacture and supplies a wide range of sportswear starting from Round neck, V neck,Active shirts, Gym neck shirts, Drift shirts, Boxer shorts and Track pants in Tirupur,India.

Round neck

Get ready for the endurance. We have Round Neck T-shirts for sportsmen, giving perfect fit, cozy feel and awesome look. Keeps you dry and cool, which is an essential part during playing under scorching sun.We manufacture and supply depending on your requirement and providing the best quality of clothes in Tirupur,India.

Polo’s shirts

We have a huge collection of high quality designer V-neck T-shirts crafted with fine fabric, blending comfort and style for trend setters. Play your favorite sports in style with our attractive yet sporty designs and customized design .We manufacture and supply depending on your requirement across India.

Tank top

Olymbia Apparels provides a refreshed sports clothing experience with our stylish and sporty collections on tank tops exclusively made for active men. Look like a professional player with our stylish and sporty Tank tops which gives you a perfect fit and makes you look  like a sports person and gives a comfort to play.

Light weight Tees

Light weight Tees for sportsmen to keep them dry by absorbing sweat fast and maintaining optimum temperature. Maintaining a balanced temperature is an essential factor to retain stamina. Light weight T-shirts helps you better to make you dry by absorbing the sweat by wearing olymbia apparels light weight T-shirt.

Track Pants

Olymbia apparels Perfect Track pants for men that can be used as casual wear as well as sportswear. Play sports or visit a mall, these track pants will give you rich and sporty look, and no compromise on attitude and comfort. we undertake bulk orders and supply based on your  requirements across India.

Sublimation Sports Tees

Olymbia apparels manufacture and export Sweat absorbing material used in these Sublimation Sports Tees are specially designed to provide comfort throughout your sports activity. These shirts absorb and dissipate sweat from your body fast, keeping you cool. Purchase customised Sublimation tees that won’t get crack or peel and last longer T-shirt from Olymbia Apparels.

Smash any sport event confidently with our high quality sportswear that gives you utmost comfort and fit, denoting the aggressive sports character. Our products are designed and supplied to withstand most conditions without failure during prolonged sports activities. Eradicate the fear of tearing or failure at any time. The aesthetics of our sportswear range gives you pure adrenaline character. Apart from regular designs, we are happy to make custom designs for your team. Look and feel unique with these durable products.